As a homeowner did you know you can improve indoor comfort, reduce your energy bills and control or eliminate “hot spots” in your home caused from the sun by installing our energy films to the existing glass?  These films reduce 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and reject up to 79% of the solar heat that may otherwise come through your windows.  They also help reduce winter heat loss by reflecting up to 35% of indoor heat back into the room.  You will find our films are also easy on the eyes giving a soft shade to the glass once installed.  On the outside they give your home a more pleasing, unified look while increasing privacy during the day.  On the inside, our films provide glare reduction for you and your guests allowing every part of your home to be enjoyed no matter how much sun faces the glass.

Prevent Furniture Fading

You’ve made a tremendous investment both financially and emotionally in your home.  The next step is protecting that investment from the damaging sun rays.  Drapes, carpets, natural wood floors, furniture and artwork are all vulnerable from unfiltered sun shining through your windows.

Four reasons fading occurs:

Four Reasons Fading Occurs:


The number one cause of fading is Ultraviolet (UV) light at 40%.  All 3M Window Films block over 99% of UV light.  The second leading cause of fading is both the Visible light at 25% and the Heat from the sun at 25%.  3M™ Window Films helps to block both Heat and Visible light minimizing the fading from occurring on interior of your home.  The ‘Misc.’ 10% are variables beyond your control.  These would be the color or material of your furnishings for example.  Certain materials are able to maintain their original color better than others.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

The more windows you have in your home the greater the benefits are installing 3M™ Window Films.  Did you know that the windows in a home on average make up less than 25% of the exterior of a home?  Did you also know that over half of the heat that enters into the home comes through that <25% of windows?  Next time the sun is shining through a window stand in front of it and feel the heat coming through.  Then move next to a wall that is facing the sun and you will feel nothing.  Why?  That’s because the wall is insulated and the glass is not.  By installing 3M™ Window Films to your existing windows you are insulating them making for a more energy efficient home.  Remember that 3M Window Films reduce heat gain by up to 79% which helps to lower energy consumption and offer an ROI on most jobs within 3-5 years based on energy savings.  Click here to view an actual clients bill to see the effect of 3M Window Films applied to the glass on this home and the reduction of their energy bill.

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3M Warranty Offers Peace of Mind

As a leader in both film and adhesive technologies, 3M™ brings together these disciplines to create some of the finest products available. 3M™ invented window film and was awarded the first window film patent in 1966.  Selecting 3M™ Window Films gives you peace of mind.  That’s because they have the most comprehensive warranties you can obtain, backed by company you know and trust.  We offer you the best warranty that no other company in the industry can offer.  3M™ products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty that you can rely on in the event that your films are proven to need replacement.




3M™ has thousands of window film dealers in the country.  However, 3M™ selects its dealers very carefully to fulfill the company’s commitment of delivering only topnotch products to customers.  Only a few are chosen to join 3M’s Prestige Dealer network and PRO-TECT TINT is the oldest 3M™ Prestige Window Film Dealer in Las Vegas.  Strict criteria are carefully taken into consideration when selecting dealers – the ability to offer quality work, extensive product knowledge, and the ability to serve customers to the highest standards.

3M™ is not only committed to provide the world’s best window film.  More than that, 3M™ wants to ensure that we only give you products offered by the world’s leading window film dealers.

We give you products that you can trust.  No one in the industry offers more experience in window films rather than 3M™.  For several years now, we have remained to be a world leader in the window films industry.  3M™ remains to be a highly-acclaimed leader in the development of innovative adhesives and films.



Safety & Security Films will not make your windows bulletproof. They are designed to deter against break-ins, especially opportunistic “smash & grab” burglaries. The longer it takes a criminal from gaining entry, the more likely they are to give up or risk getting caught.