Anti-Graffiti Film

3M™ Anti Graffiti Film

3M™ Anti Graffiti film is the perfect solution to the expensive and rapidly growing problems we see every day. Damage caused from graffiti is a problem that costs more the $12 billion to repair annually here in the United States. Commercial buildings now have a cost effective option to combat this costly damage. Studies show that using Anti Graffiti film actually helps to reduce the risk of repeat damage when maintained properly.

When vandals target surfaces such as exterior and interiors windows, mirrors and other glass, 3M™ Anti Graffiti film provides invisible protection and takes the brunt of the graffiti damage. Permanent markers, paint and other stains can easily be removed from the Anti Graffiti film even without the use of harsh chemicals. Even if the Anti Graffiti film is etched or scratched it can be easily removed the replaced with new Anti Graffiti film without harm to the surface. Using Anti Graffiti film not only eliminates the costly expense of conventional graffiti cleanups but further eliminates costlier total replacement of graffiti damaged property and equipment.

The optically clear and distortion free Anti Graffiti film can be applied to many surfaces such as elevators, escalators, bathroom mirrors, public facilities, all glass finishes/areas and many forms of counter tops. In addition to resisting damage from scratches and vandalism, Anti Graffiti film also contains other benefits such as blocking glare, heat and up to 99% of damaging UV rays.