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What it is the price you are willing to pay to protect your home, family, or business? Not a simple question, and definitely no easy answer. Although safety and security are top priorities when buying a home or investing in a business, we are often blinded by better alternatives than the norm. Introducing 3M Window Security Film for Las Vegas area home and/or business owners. The cost savings are nice, but the peace of mind and added sense of security go a long way. As an authorized 3M security film dealer, we are proud to offer the best in security window films with 3M.  Learn More…


Home window tinting in Las Vegas just got better! 3M™ Prestige Window Films make natural sunlight a welcome sight for many Las Vegas home owners. 3M™ window films help homes by removing virtually all its destructive solar UV rays, which reduces fading. 3M’s advanced home window tints reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat that comes through the home’s window, as well as reducing unwanted glare. They can also protect you and your family from hazardous weather and crime. Families across the Las Vegas area have made the switch from conventional to the ultimate in home window tint technology. Protect your family and loved ones today. Learn More…


3M window film for businesses is a practical choice for businesses owners. 3M™ Prestige window tint allows you to bring light that enters your building under control. 3M™ offers an extensive line of safety and security films that provide an elegant means for solving many of the most challenging aspects of managing the energy use of a building. Not only do 3M™ window films offer protection from harmful solar UV rays, they also keep the potential for weather damage and forced entry in check. 3M™ Prestige Window Films are a fantastic solution for many commercial/office buildings in the Las Vegas area. Already trusted by dozens of small to large sized businesses in the Las Vegas area.  Learn More…

Fasara3M Fasara Interior Designer Films provide an innovative way to create a serene appearance. Fasara films simulate the appearance of frosted glass without the cost of etched glass. When applied to glass these decorative films create beautiful privacy screens and architectural statements.Learn more…

3M™ Anti Graffiti film is the perfect solution to the expensive and rapidly growing problems we see every day. Damage caused from graffiti is a problem that costs more the $12 billion to repair annually here in the United States. Commercial buildings now have a cost effective option to combat this costly damage. Studies show that using Anti-graffiti film actually helps to reduce the risk of repeat damage when maintained properly. Learn more…

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Window Tint and Skin Cancer FoundationPRO-TECT TINT is a local Las Vegas 3M Dealer offering high-quality protective window tint especially designed to protect your home or business from the harmful effects of the sun. Say goodbye to problems like faded furnishings, glare, room discomfort, and skyrocketing electricity bills. With PRO-TECT TINT, expect to achieve a wide range of benefits while giving you the utmost comfort that you, your family, and your business deserves. 3M Window Film offers you the following benefits:

  • Low reflection. Our window film provides a low angle reflection that enhances your room’s overall beauty.
  • Increased on-angle heat rejection. Achieve additional and better performance benefits through our increased on-angle heat rejection.
  • No corrosion. 3M window film technology does not make use of metals. It offers excellent performance without corrosion and interference with mobile phone signals.
  • Protects furniture. Our products extend the life of your furniture by rejecting harmful UV rays. UV rays are the single and largest component of fading.
  • Warranty. All PRO-TECT TINT purchases are backed up by a reliable warranty.
  • Home comfort. Our safety and security films reduce eye discomfort and glare; thus, providing you the comfort that you deserve in your home or office.
  • Personal safety. PRO-TECT TINT products increase your safety by minimizing flying glass in the event of natural disasters or explosion.